Active vs Passive Treatment: Which Is Better?

Alyssa Robertson - January 12, 2021 - Health /

With each passing day, different medicinal practices have become very popular. This is because they are backed by thorough research and also integrate technological trends very successfully. Physical Therapy, however, is one such treatment that has survived through the days and is still popular amongst today’s generation. This is primarily because it is mighty effective and also fairly safe and inexpensive. It is so popular that many patients from all over the world look to visit the best Physical Therapists available. For example, Fort Lee PT is very popular and hence is a go-to option for many people looking to get treated timely.

Active Vs Passive treatment

While Physical Therapy is popular and is in contention for the medical trends of today, there is still a debate that revolves around the question that what type of treatment within the Physical Therapy practice is more effective. These treatments can be categorized more properly as Active treatments and Passive treatments. To fully understand the dynamics of both the types and to what extent they are effective, one must fully know their basics.

What is Active treatment?

Shot of a senior woman being treated by a physiotherapist

In Physical Therapy, Active treatment revolves around all the physical exercises that force the patients to move rather than allow any external medicine or treatment to apply to them. Usually, Active treatment comprises exercises that help improve stability, mobility, and body strength. In Active treatment, the physical use of the body is really important since this type of treatment is all about how the patient controls his or her body to allow healing to take place. With Active treatments, patients have reported having said that they feel much more energized, active, flexible, and extremely fresh. With Active treatment, the form of exercises that are used usually helps with strengthening the Abdominal muscles, improving the overall range of motion of the body, and also help with endurance as well as weight loss which is important in the patients’ road to recovery.

What Is Passive Treatment?

As the name suggests, Passive treatment usually involves an external factor that helps in giving the patient effective treatment. Passive treatment is used in case the patient cannot move properly and has difficulty in being physically active. Usually, this type of treatment involves the use of many passive interventions like oral medicines, massages, cold therapies, and hot therapies. The forms of treatments are really helpful in giving immediate relief from pain to the patient.

Which Is More Effective?

Ideally, a good Physical Therapist goes for a routine that comprises both treatments, but sometimes it is necessary to go for Passive treatment since Active treatment is not possible in those cases. For instance, if a person is severely injured after an accident and has difficulty moving, the Physical Therapist will opt to treat the patient with Passive treatment since that is the only viable option at that point. Hence the effectiveness of both treatments depends totally upon the case at hand.