Best Things to Do in Verona (Italy)

Alyssa Robertson - June 27, 2019 - Travel /
Verona Italy

Verona is also known as the City of Lovers, is one of the most fascinating honeymoon destinations due to its history. Verona has a variety of historical sights and amazing architecture and every place you visit in this city provide you with a different stunning vision.

Its located in the Veneto region which is found in the northern part of Italy, you can also explore Verona when traveling between Venice and Milan. You can choose the means of transport you are comfortable with. Most visitors travel to this city by using either plane or train and since its not a huge city you can explore almost all its fascinating attractions and also get to understand its cultural heritage.

The pedestrian area is one of the historic centers of this great city and most of the activities and things to see are located at a walkable distance. When traveling to Verona ensure you have comfortable shoes to enhance your exploration in this city. Parking in Verona is not an issue to worry about.

Below are the best things to do in Verona:

Castelvecchio Bridge and Museum

It’s one of the oldest buildings which was built to safeguard Verona during the Middle Ages, now it acts as a Museum city of Verona. It’s full of ancient arts as well as Veneto region artifacts. To explore these artifacts on this museum a charge fee of six Euros is charged for adults. The Museum has a website which allows visitors to get the necessary information about what is contained in it. On your visit to Verona ensure to explore this museum and get to see some of the ancient artifacts.

Castelvecchio bridge Verona

Foods to Eat in Verona

Verona has some of the most delicious foods in Italy. If you are planning to visit Italy during the summer months then it’s ideal to think of gelato meals as they will help you to cool off. These types of foods are usually found in Verona. You can also think of shopping ice cream as it will help you to cope with high temperatures during the summer months. So, in general, there are a variety of meals you can take on your Italy stay particularly Verona. Coffee and pastries are the best morning dishes and during the lunchtime, you may opt for salads and sandwiches.

If you decide to take meals in this city its good to remember to honor some of the city’s culinary customs by trying various Veronese specialists.

Juliet’s Balcony

Its is not situated far away from Piazza dell Erbe, Juliet’s balcony is one most popular tourist destination in Verona. The city is linked to love tales. When the season is high, it’s ideal to explore various things in the morning so that you have adequate time to explore various exhibitions. During these hours it’s possible to see the balcony without having to get into the museum. Most visitors enjoy viewing the balcony from the outside so as to have a wider view.

Balcone di Giulietta

The above are some of the things you need to do while on your visit to Verona which is a beautiful city and one of the most fascinating honeymoon destinations across the globe.