Great Tips on How to Write a Narrative Essay

Alyssa Robertson - August 1, 2018 - Study /

A narrative essay is designed to tell a reader about events, experiences, and interactions that happened to the author in a defined period of time. This type of essay can a challenge to write as it requires a vivid plot to keep the reader’s attention. To get started with narrative essay writing, use these tips.

Choose a Topic

Before writing the essay, it’s important to choose a topic and a story that illustrates that topic or theme. Common topics for essay writing include the following:

1. An adverse experience that you had to overcome
2. Failure and the consequences of that failure
3. An experience that transformed your character

These are just a few examples of potential topics but many more exist. When it comes to narrative essay writing, make sure that the story has a manageable plot and vibrant details. avoid any topic that’s too broad. A good essay includes specific details, images, and language that makes the story come alive.

Create an Essay Structure

Creating an outline is a good idea when it comes to essay writing. Most essays are made up of three parts: a setup, main part with a climax, and a conclusion. The introduction and conclusion are brief while the main part should be the “meat” of the story. It may help to write an outline with the major parts of the story before getting started.

Describe Characters and Places

When starting to write, make sure to include details of any important objects, places, or people in the essay. People who affect the outcome of the story should be described well. The reader should feel as though he or she knows the person being described.

Places named should also be described well. This type of description will reflect the ambiance of the story. Also, be sure to provide any background information that may change the reader’s attitude to characters in the story.

Wait to Edit

After writing an initial draft, don’t edit the essay immediately. There will likely be at least a few rough spots in the essay but it’s easy to miss these points initially. Instead, take a break and then start over fresh. Begin the editing process by making sure that all of the important points are covered. Other essential editing tips include:

* Transform long sentences into simple ones for easy reading
* Avoid repetition of the same ideas
* Re-write any parts that seem clunky or difficult to understand
* If the article doesn’t flow well, consider restructuring the essay
* Change passive tense verbs to active tense when possible

Ask for Help

After going through the process of writing an essay, it may be a good idea to get a fresh pair of eyes. Ask a friend or colleague who has experience with writing to read the essay, Chances are, this person will have constructive feedback.

Although writing a narrative essay can be a daunting task, these tips make the process simple. Whether new to the narrative essays or simply trying to improve, use these great tips to write an excellent essay every time.