How Do Businesses Get More Followers on Instagram?

Alyssa Robertson - October 23, 2020 - Blog /Blogging /Software Development /

Instagram provides businesses with the opportunity to get new fans and build a following that will help you grow your business over the years. This is thanks to its millions of international users who browse, like, share, follow, and unfollow on a daily basis. As a business, you can get a piece of the cake by making use of the proper organic Instagram growth service tips and strategies. In this post, we outline the right ways to make use of your Instagram account and bring that green paper home.

Strategy no. 1: Use of hashtags

A business is always about engaging the right audience for your business, ensuring brand awareness, growth of your account, and sales of your product. And for that, you need the right hashtags to accompany the new and trending photos you just took for your next post. You could think of a hashtag as a search criterium. Ever since its inception, people make use of hashtags to look for exciting content online.

The use of the right hashtag for your audience starts with researching your audience and organizing your hashtags into different categories. You might want to categorize the keywords for your hashtags in terms of location, brand, products, personalities among others. It will then be a matter of matching the hashtag category to your particular content.

You must always remember that while hashtags might bring you, additional followers, the most popular hashtags change over time. In the span of an hour, all the top 20 hashtags on Instagram might have changed. And although Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, remember to consider quality over quantity in every post.

Strategy no. 2: Stealing base

This is considered a sure way of getting more followers on the photo-sharing site. This tip involves searching your competitors on the app and interacting with their audience. The audience on your competitor’s page is the same audience who are likely to cast an eye on your products. Therefore, you need to engage them substantially. The more effort you put in, the better results you are more likely to attain.

By engaging the audience, there are three ways that are being suggested here: either liking a photo, commenting on their content, or following them.

Strategy no. 3: Sponsored products and boosting your posts

While this may not be an organic method of obtaining followers, optimizing your posts is a sure way of getting your products or service to a wider audience. Before making any payment to Instagram or any of its affiliated partners, you will need first to do your research on the costs for optimizing your posts and also on the audience for your products. Instagram will always ask you for specifics with regards to your audience, thus some research will be of benefit.