How Healthy Are Energy Drinks?

Alyssa Robertson - August 26, 2021 - Fashion /Health /

Energy drinks are beverages that are intended to increase your energy and brain function. They have continued to gain popularity with every single day and new energy drink brands springing now and then. Some health experts have had their reservations about energy drinks and are convinced that they have a negative effect on humans, while others talk about numerous advantages of these beverages.

Now, let’s delve into the profits of energy drinks for your well-being.

Energy drink ingredients

Almost all energy drinks contain caffeine to power the brain and improve concentration and alertness. However, the caffeine content differs in an amount from product to product. Alongside caffeine, energy drinks have other ingredients as well:

Sugar. This being the major source of the calories in the drinks. Not all energy drinks contain sugar.

B vitamins. It converts the food you’ve eaten into useful energy

Amino acids derivatives. These particles are involved in several biological processes.

Herbal extracts. These can have positive effects on brain functions.

Studies have shown that energy drinks increase some measures of the brain like concentration, memory, and reaction time. They are also known to reduce mental fatigue. A study showed that taking a 500ml can of Red Bull improved concentration and memory by approximately 24%. Most researchers have concluded that the improvement in brain function is brought about by the caffeine and sugar in energy drinks.

Two sides of the same coin

People also do take energy drinks to help them when they are worn out or deprived of sleep. Energy drinks are known to revitalize when consumed. They increase people’s energy to keep working, as opposed to when they hadn’t taken energy drinks. Although energy drinks help people stay alert, a study has shown that consuming energy drinks decreases the consumers’ sleep quality.

There may be concerns that energy drinks can contribute to heart problems which would require medical attention. Further studies have shown that people who regularly consume energy drinks may be prone to increased blood pressure and heart rate and a significant decrease of markers of blood vessel function that eventually lead to heart health issues.

If you do have a history of heart disease, be cautious about how you consume energy drinks. Consuming them on occasion and in reasonable amounts is however unlikely to cause heart problems in healthy adults. People who have suffered heart problems after taking energy drinks have been associated with consuming too much caffeine and mixing the energy drink with alcohol.

Can people with diabetes take energy ?


Almost all energy drinks contain a significant amount of sugar. Consuming such much sugar could spike anyone’s blood sugar level. If you have diabetes, you should be overly cautious with energy drinks. Consuming sugar beverages like energy drinks leads to an increase in blood sugar and that could be unhealthy, especially if you have difficulty controlling your blood sugar. People without diabetes are not an exception. A study has shown that taking sweetened beverages daily has a 26% chance of developing type 2 diabetes

Some energy drink manufacturers are now making their beverages with little or no sugar. This option is suitable for diabetic people or those who are on a low-carb diet.

Mixing energy drinks and alcohol has dire health concerns. The caffeine in the energy drink has a stimulating effect that can override the depressive effect of alcohol, leaving one feeling less intoxicated but still having alcohol-related impairments. People who take energy drinks with alcohol tend to suffer alcohol-related injuries. Consuming alcohol with energy drinks is not recommended. However, if you take just an energy drink, you may enhance your overall performance and get rid of tiredness. And to pick some quality beverages, you may turn to where they compile the lists of top-notch products.