How Many Followers Do You Need on Instagram to Get a Blue Check?

Alyssa Robertson - October 10, 2019 - Blogging /

Blue check is a sign that you are a public figure with influence.

The blue check will give you importance on Instagram and it will give your followers confirmation that your account is authentic and you will gain credibility as soon anybody sees your blue check. Before requesting a blue check, you need to have a lot of followers, and XPLOD social is the service that can help you with this task.

To get this mark you must apply to Instagram by a few very easy steps.

First login to your Instagram account and go to your settings, scroll down to account and there you will have an option to ask for verification of your account which means that you, if they approve, get your blue check. You can see how blue check looks on this link .and here are three easy steps for asking for your blue check.
Everybody can apply, but Instagram defined strictly conditions for users who want the blue check that they must fulfill. Instagram made it clear that you need to be “a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity”. So, if you are not a public figure, and you want to be verified, you must become one.

Is the number of followers important for getting a blue check?

Definitely yes, but not crucial. Before it was one and only indicator that you are a public figure, but Instagram changed it at the begging of this year. The most important part of the terms of getting verified is the word “notable”. You must prove to them that you are a notable public figure, but usually, if you are a public figure you probably have many followers, so the number of followers indirectly influences your results of acceptance requested verification.

Having more followers on your Instagram account that must be public account, not a private one, is a big plus because it indicates that you are notable, so it is important to have as many followers as you can get. As I mentioned earlier XPLOD social can definitely help you with this uneasy task.

If you want to verify your public Instagram account, watch this video on what is important to do to get that blue check, and try to get more followers. More followers give you that notable part that is crucial for accepting your requested verification. Of course, you don’t have to do everything on your own. There are services like the one above in the article that can help you with followers, real people that are interested in you, your work, and the content of your account. Please don’t buy all of your followers, if you do that, you will have them, but nobody will see your posts, and definitely, nobody will work with you or really follow you. Yes, you will have a higher number on your account, but this will not help you in any way.

XPLOD social does get you real followers, real people who will like and share your content, and with this, you will get your message spread quicker than any other way.