How to Clean and Care for a Weighted Blanket

Alyssa Robertson - October 2, 2021 - Health /Logistics /

The weighted blankets are not like regular blankets and require special treatment. They are made especially for medicinal purposes. Anything that has some sort of curing properties is usually coming with a lot of instructions of care. The same is the case with this as well. People cannot wash the blanket as frequently as they used to do with the traditional blankets. These blankets are much heavier than the regular ones, and not everyone can master the art of washing and cleaning the weighted blankets. It is suggested that proper care of the blanket can increase the life of the blanket significantly. Generally, a timeline for a weighted blanket is around five years but as said earlier the lifetime of the blanket can be increased significantly depending on the usage and the care that is done by the users.

Frequency of Cleaning

If you just use this sometimes as a seat cloth upon that sofa or even on a table, you should cleanse your weighted cloth 3 to 4 times per year. Cleaning a heavy cloth often might impair its sensation and longevity. The lifetime of the weighted blanket may be extended by putting in a layer that is readily removable and washable. So technically, the weighted blanket is protected by the covering whereas the only issue is going to be with the cover which can be cleaned or washed frequently.

Procedure of washing

One must review the product’s manufacturing directions, mostly on the label or even on the website of the company, before actually laundering the weighted blanket. The thicker building of loaded cloth makes it difficult to launder them as readily as a standard cloth. Please be prepared to notice how users treat a certain blanket before continuing with washing, depending on the type of filling or even the substance. In practice, while washing a weighted blanket, there are a few things to remember. One of that points is whether the blankets need to be cleaned. Use a mild cleanser, bleach, or cleaning solution for treating those colors if the cloth just has to be cleaned on the region.

General guidelines

Pick a good soap-free washing liquid and launder the blankets using cold water on a low setting. One must avoid chemicals that can soften the cloth. Pick a good mild or moderate drier and blow the cover regularly during the drying process. Place a moderate bleach-free soap on the laundry machine. Select a mild washing process and then use warm or cold water. Ideally, the blanket should be dried indoors and not be exposed directly to sunlight.

Several heavy comforters include an independently washable covering. Unzip the blanket cover, then clean it as per the brand’s maintenance recommendations. In the cold water and also in a regular wash environment, duvet covers may typically be cleaned. If indeed the directions are acceptable, rinse the cover either with air or put it on a low spot in a dryer. To find out more about the weighted blankets and their availability, please visit