How to Figure Out What to Post on Instagram

Alyssa Robertson - June 10, 2021 - Fashion /Safety /Study /

Social media is reaching new heights of success. People who were once reluctant to join social media and share their lives with the world have been convinced that this is the new norm. Every day, thousands of people make accounts on social media with the mindset of being entertained and keeping up with the world. Instagram is one of the social media applications which has gained quite a lot of repute recently. People who have made accounts on Instagram have to face increased competition. As a result, they need to figure out what to post on Instagram. One way to excel in this field is to become a photography influencer via Instagram.

Know your audience

Determining what to post on your Instagram feed is to know your audience. Knowing your audience is a lot more than what it sounds like. This is to say that you need to conduct an audit of your audience and determine their likings, dislikings, age, gender, culture, etc. Getting to know all these details will enable you to determine the taste of your audience. This way, you will have a good idea of what content you need to create. For instance, if your audience comprises mainly teenagers and youth, you will have to post videos bearing in mind what is in trend these days. This age group also loves to see photography influencers via Instagram.

Keep yourself updated

Knowing what to post on Instagram largely depends on what others are posting. This does not mean mimicking what other bloggers are posting, but this refers to staying updated on trends these days. A great way to do this is to follow bloggers with a good number of followers or the bloggers that have gained many followers in the last few months. This will give you a good idea of what kind of content people are loving these days. Usually, bloggers post on their stories asking people what type of content they would like, and this way, they get to know the inclination of their audience.

Instagram stories and IGTV videos

Instagram stories and IGTV videos are on the boom. Bloggers and Instagram influencers make the most out of these two features. Instagram stories are small snippets that appear in front of your followers and allow them to see what you have been up to lately. It is entirely up to the Instagram blogger on what they want to post, but it has been proved that uploading stories consistently on Instagram keeps your audience hooked and entertained. Uploading IGTV videos keeps your audience excited as they are well aware that they will get to see some creative content from your end after every few days. Most photography influencers on Instagram post videos via Instagram, and their audience is quite happy with the overall experience.

In conclusion, with the growing use of Instagram, influencers are concerned about how they keep their audiences hooked up and figure out what to post on Instagram. Developing an understanding of your audience, keeping yourself updated, and consistently uploading stories and IGTV videos are the best ways to gather the crowd.