How to start an Instagram fashion blog with no money

Alyssa Robertson - February 1, 2022 - Fashion /Study /

Do you like shopping for fancy items and having glossy magazines? Or are you a person who is always familiar with fashion trends and can analyze the market according to future trends? If you haven’t had the necessary funds to become a fashion influencer, here is the simple guide you can follow on how to start a fashion blog with no money.


Content is the key. The most important part is having content, money comes second. Violet Summers is a famous Instagram model and fashion blog owner who started her fashion blog in high school, not having too much money at that time. The significant thing that separated her from others was her content, she had enough content available to own a fashion blog having more than 6 million followers today. Content is always more valuable than money, and therefore having content is the most significant part when you’re considering starting a fashion blog with no money.


Role of money in a start-up


How to start a business with no money? The majority of the businesses in this high-tech world are online-based and online opportunities with the introduction of e-commerce things have become simpler. To start a business the most essential part which can be labeled as the necessity is the idea and the unique selling point of the business, the same way a person becoming a fashion blogger requires content and personal style and the blogger can start earning in no time. The majority of businesses now don’t require money as the basis to start a business. All businesses do not require money as some might be, like Instagram blogs or channels on YouTube. Further on, we will guide you on more necessary goals for your Instagram blog.

Personal Style

Personal Style

Nothing matters more than your style. Having a good sense of fashion and having a hawk’s eye in terms of fashion is very substantial in creating a fashion blog. Talent and creativity are the most important segments in starting any blog, be it a fashion blog or a normal blog. In the fashion industry, inventing new trends is very essential to influence people and for that, the most critical part is having a unique sense of style.


Selecting your target audience

  You need to target your market segment. Fashion is a broad category that contains dozens of trends and segments. Every trend has its uniqueness and style to it, What the majority of people want from and expect is that you have your unique style. Once you have found your unique style and the audience you want to target, you have sorted out half of your main goal already.

To conclude, most online businesses do not require you to have a capital investment. Creating an Instagram blog also does not require money, so life has become easy with the help of modern technology applications like Instagram and other forms of social media that allow you to create and post content for free the only part you have to worry about is the content and especially the content which has not been introduced to the market or having fashion which is new to the world.