Key Features for Healthcare Websites

Alyssa Robertson - December 26, 2021 - Health /Software Development /

In our modern digital age, an online presence is a must. If you are not digital in any form, be it the website or social media, you are losing out on a big share of the market. However, having an online presence comes with its own set of challenges. To add, the healthcare industry is heavily regulated and conservative in nature.

So, how do you merge all these aspects of the healthcare industry into your healthcare website? In this article, our team outlines several vital features that your healthcare website must possess. We consider the needs of the clients as a whole and also the demands of the market.

User experience

A potential client who is seeking your service online will make their mind up regarding your medical clinic within the first few seconds of interacting with your website. That said, your website needs to offer a smooth user experience. They should be able to navigate through your content with ease.

In this age of convenience, if your website offers a poor user experience, you can be sure that your potential client will take the business elsewhere.

Mobile friendly

While it can be mentioned under the first sub-heading, we thought it warrants a separate mention due to the weight it carries. Consider this, not every citizen of our country has a laptop or computer; but almost every one of them has a smartphone.

Tapping into mobile device territory is essential for you to survive in the online space. In your design, you must ensure that your content (images and text) is able to respond without fail to use on a mobile device.

If you ensure the ideal mobile experience, you guarantee a built-in relationship with your client. You can expect a call, text, or email from them.

Valuable content

It is also on the web that potential clients go to search for answers to the queries they have. Clients no longer move to books. The first source of information or reference is the web. Therefore, if you have on your website a wide range of content, you stand out from the competition.


You might think that with healthcare moving to a digital space, there is no need to personalize content or services to your potential clients. This is an error in thought. Human beings are social beings and always want to be treated in a special manner. If you have a look at the websites of leading companies, you will get a feel of what we are talking about. Your medical website development process should incorporate the same.

Communication channels

We recommend having a secure option for communicating with your clients. The current market has gone away from the use of live chats, ticketing, and other social-powered options. You should either consider having a custom solution or using third-party options such as Messenger, Instagram, or Twitter.

A secure communication channel means you are always available, and you can improve your customer’s experience.