The future of software development in 2018

Alyssa Robertson - June 15, 2018 - Software Development /

One of the most difficult jobs is to predict the future as you never know how it is going to shape up. In the field of software development too, the trend is same. Some things change and fade away very quickly while some others rise to fame in no time. There are whispers already about some trends which are going to rock the 2018 software development. Few names are blockchain, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, cryptocurrency, etc. Some exclusive blockchain platforms are going to be introduced by the technology giants like Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Many software developers and enthusiasts are already claiming that 2018 is going to be a big year for application and software developers. The Ukraine offshore programming company will play a huge role in shaping 2018’s software development leading to a great future. Here we are describing some of such changes which are going to trend this year.

The Enhanced Use of Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain gained huge popularity in 2017 due to the hype of bitcoin but in 2018, it is said that the technology will revolutionize many more industries and companies. It is a network of peer to peer devices which are interconnected. Millions of financial service industry across the globe are helped by this technology which is used majorly as a replacement for central computers.

People Adapting to IoT:

Another system which is going to revolutionize 2018 is the increased use of IoT. Till now we have seen the system used in Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Android Wear but that was just the beginning as we are going to see a lot of it in near future. It will be seen everywhere, business processes, home appliances, and driverless cars running seamlessly on roads. IT outsourcing to Ukraine is gaining popularity due to their developers researches on the advanced use of this technology. The best thing about this technology is that it can be controlled and used from anywhere.

The Inclusion of Artificial Intelligence to Party:

Various businesses are automating their system rapidly and more than 40% of them used the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for this purpose. The solutions driven by AI perform the tasks given to them pretty well and help the user to be a step ahead from the competitor. The AI can be used in a lot of services like development of company frameworks, home assistants, and Smartphones activated by voice. The development of the AI is lead by big companies like Google, Slack, and Facebook.

These are some of the best changes which are going to take the legacy of software development forward and outsourcing to Ukraine is going to play a pivotal part in it.