What to Do When Twitter Suspends Your Account?

Alyssa Robertson - February 28, 2022 - Fashion /Software Development /Study /

Twitter is a safe space for expressing your thoughts or beliefs. However, like any other community, restrictions have to be put in place and effected to ensure everyone is safe. The reason why some accounts are suspended temporarily.

In this article, we will highlight some of the factors that can cause your Twitter account to be suspended. For example, if you exceed the Twitter follower limit within am agreed period, you are likely to be punished.

Why Twitter suspends accounts:

Fake accounts

Twitter can tell which account was created yet no one is willing to be accountable for the account. Such accounts are always at high-security risk for the company itself and other users. These accounts can be used to threaten someone, causing then unnecessary fear, or used to send links that can be used to hack another account.

Violating the community guidelines

When signing in to Twitter, you are often prompted to accept the terms and conditions of using the application. If you go against those terms and conditions, by for example using vulgar words or being extremely rude to other users, your account will be suspended indefinitely.

Security risk

Like any other platform, it is possible for someone else to hack into your account. If Twitter suspects the account has been hacked or someone is trying to hack it, the account is suspended. This is to protect the user from losing all their personal information or spreading propaganda.

Inactive accounts

Over the past few years, Twitter clears its database by eliminating inactive Twitter accounts. If your account goes dormant for a long time, it is likely to be suspended and later on deleted if no action is taken.

What to do if your Twitter account is suspended:

Take the step to unsuspend your account

When unsuspending your account, you will often be prompted to confirm your personal information such as phone number and email address. Later on, follow the instructions given to unsuspend your account.

Take time

At times, Twitter temporarily suspends your account for a few hours, depending on the violation you are being punished for. After 24 hours, you might be able to use your Twitter account again. So, keep checking to see if the suspension is lifted.

File an appeal

Other accounts have to appeal for their accounts to be unsuspended. This however is the last option if options 1 and 2 do not work for you. To take this action, you have to open a new browser tab to file the appeal.

Directly contact Twitter

You can alternatively reach out to Twitter’s help desk for assistance. You can opt to make a call or email them. This is an effective method as a ticked will be created and help offered accordingly.

In conclusion, avoid going through the hassle of unsuspending your Twitter account by reading and understanding the terms and conditions. Ensure you also have a strong password to keep your account safe from illegal hackers.